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Surfing is Sayulita’s main sport. In here, you can take lessons and enjoy the waves. If you already know how to surf, you can find many beaches in the zone where you can enjoy bigger waves for the experts.
Paddle Surf is the latest watersport trend that emerges in Sayulita. It’s a fun activity for all the family and a great full-body training. Sayulita offers excellent conditions to learn and a great variety of surf schools and stores where you can find all the equipment and accessories you need.
For those who enjoy golf, few places compare to Nayarit’s stunning golf courses. Sayulita has become one of the favorite destinations in Mexico for golfers from all around the world. The best part is that you can enjoy it without going too far, as Punta de Mita’s and San Pancho’s Golf Courses are located 20 minutes and 5km away, respectively.
The speed, the sense of flying, the wind in your skin... A thrilling ecological experience that offers you the opportunity of sliding through the tree canopies that enclose the pathways of Sierra Madre’s tropical forest.
There are various places in town that offer bike rental for any occasion: riding in the beach, mountain traversing and town sightseeing. Whichever your style is, you’ll notice that you can enjoy many of Sayulita’s landscapes.
Sayulita’s nightlife is very active, especially in holiday period. You can frequently live the sprightliness all through the public square, where you’ll find night clubs, pubs, and even karaoke bars. Throughout holidays, every Saturday night, live concerts are organized in the beach and nearby the river. On Sundays, they offer a rodeo in a public stockyard, where immense bulls are mounted by cowboys.
For a sport fishing day, you can immerse yourself in the Pacific Ocean to obtain a great amount of fish, within the most common species we can find the gold fish and the red snapper. You can have the guarantee of returning with a great catch given the fishermen are professionals.
Although the mayor beach in Sayulita do not offer scuba diving, there are three places nearby where you can do this activity and a few rental shops for the equipment are available. They also offer transportation to the assigned spot in fishing boats.
Sayulita is ideal for those who enjoy practicing kayak sailing across the sea, you have the possibility of renting the required gadgets in the town’s beach. There are magnificent places to visit paddling: Playa de los Muertos (in the surroundings of Punta Sayulita), Carricitos beach, Escondida beach, amongst other seashores in the south.
You can practice snorkel in Sayulita’s nearby beaches, is a fascinating experience where you can find varicolored fish and many other species.
In Sayulita, there are about 350 different bird species, either indigenous or migratory. There’s a big variety of excursions for local bird watching available where you can observe a rich range of species that inhabit the mangroves, mountain channels and forests of the zone.
The humpback whales, the Bryde’s whales and a great variety of dolphins –including orca whales- arrive to Riviera Nayarit in winter and spring. This bay has been chosen as breeding ground of the humpback whales, their spectacular leaps amaze the tourists that come from all around the globe. The experience is unforgettable, either you venture going on a ship or you observe it from the beach.
There’s no place in Sayulita that is not at walking distance. Albeit it is a small town amongst hills and it has a mixture of cobbled and paved streets, if you like hiking, you will really enjoy it.
Horse Riding
One of the most common and fun activities in Sayulita, is horse riding. Where you will be able to enjoy an excursion with your family surrounded by the magnificent natural beauty that environ the bay.
A great place for sailing amateurs. If you have never before had the chance of learning how to sail, you’ll have the opportunity of receiving a brief introduction about sailing foundations. Amongst other activities, you can swim and scuba dive.
You can enjoy of Sayulitas’ yoga retreats. Take this chance to meditate and relax, letting your body get in harmony with your soul.
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